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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 2, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we will bring you near more on the breaking news as we get it. tonight, donald rumsfeld is here and he says that u.s. special ops are the center of the campaign and says that that may be good for the candidates and not for the troops. he will tell you why. tonight, president obama under cover of night, take egg surprise trip to afghanistan afon the anniversary of bin laden's death. and another one. yes a new scandal and it could be the most despicable yet. the culprit, a high-ranking intelligence officer and there could be more. just in minutes. but first, one year after u.s. forces kill osama bin laden, president obama addressing the nation from afghanistan. >> some people will ask why we need a firm timeline. the answer's clear. our goal is not to build a country in america's image or to eradicate every vestige of the
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taliban. these objectives would require many more years, many more dollars, and most importantly, many more american lives. our goal is to destroy al qaeda and we are on a path to do exactly that. >> brit hume is here. good evening, brit. very disturbing news with the blast. we will bring you information as we get it. but the president just leaving afghanistan. your thoughts about his speech. >> all the things being equal, it's good to see the president visit the troops in a war zone. they always appreciate it. it's a good thing to do. and the agreement that he signed in afghanistan is an important agreement. so there was legitimate business to be conducted there. no basis for criticism on that score, but all of the things are not quite equal because this is occurring on the anniversary of the successful killing of osama bin laden. something about which politics has been made by the administration, by the president's campaign, i should say and by himself.
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as recently as yesterday, in -- you know, when he was meeting with the japanese prime minister, holding a news conference. so i think it may add to the suspicion this this is a victory lap, another attempt to call attention to the successful bin laden raid, which he has been using for political reasons. >> i would love to have this be successful. i would love to get out thereof and all of it to be as pretty as everyone likes to think. but we are new yorking with the taliban. the president said that today. i don't know who is fooling there. we have promised the women of afghanistan, we will not abandon them. the taliban is terrorizing women, to think we will negotiate a deal and they will be nice guys and it's terrific for women and all is fine and dandy, i think it is dilutional. secretary of state hillary clinton in my presence in afghanistan said, the united states would not abandon the women -- i don't have a solution. but i think we are kidding ourselves to think that the taliban can be negotiated with. >> i wouldn't disagree with that.
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the taliban have proved to be unreliable negotiating partners in the past. you may remember a clinton administration senior diplomat who said of them that on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a zero in terms of new yorking partners. from -- from a number of people, you can get a sense that this is not a group of people can you can do business with in the normal sense. the president seems to believe that the sole mission now is to deny al qaeda a sanctionaur in afghanistan. used to be another part of the mission, the one referred to by hillary clinton, as you suggested and that was, the elimination of the taliban as a governing force in afghanistan because of their utter -- this is a medieval group of people in terms of their behavior, particularly toward women. things have gotten better for women in afghanistan since the taliban -- >> not if you read the reports that i have just said. >> not saying it's ideal, but
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35% of the people going to school in afghanistan are women. it used to be zero. the question is -- if we leave on the timetable set forth and the taliban are part of a new yorked settlement, will they be back in a position to terrorize and brutalize women and others the way they once did, which raises the moral question that you have raised. >> i am not suggesting i have the answer. i am not suggesting that there is an answer. but if we are going to kid ourselves about who we are negotiating with and we are partnering up with president karzai in a government that's really -- the british. this is a government full of corruption. a horrible disappointment. the things done to women, even though it's quote, better. i can read you about a young woman who was beaten because she had a cell phone and it was dinner time. so she stapped. she was beaten before dinner. these things are still going on. we talk about a war on women
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here in the united states. this is nothing to what is going on over there. and i -- to think that we are negotiating with these people. i hope we are not fooling ourselves, as we go away. >> my sense about this is that the president is looking ahead to has re-election campaign, which is -- like, suppose it's fair to say, well underway. and he would ask the question, do i have the political capitol from support within my own party and otherwise, to mount the kind of effort that would make sure that the taliban don't return to power. i think that mission that, piece of the mission is over. he's not going to do that. that's not where he's going. he doesn't think the country would be behind him if he d. we are not prepared to stay along it would take to eradicate the taliban. what high wants to be able to say in the fall is not that he won the war -- it's that he ended the war. >> i don't know if there is any better way to do it or any
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better way, but i am profoundly disappointed and fearful of what is on the horizon. this may be the best possible solution, but it's disappointing. >> it is not perfect. but i am not sure there is perfect. probably isn't. thank you. >> you bet. >> now donald rumsfeld says the united states special operations forces and the navy seals are the finest warriors on the face of the earth and much of the credit for killing bin laden goes to them. secretary rumsfeld tweeting that that they have every right to spike the football and are too professional to do so. the white house might follow their lead. he wrote the book, known and unknown. mr. secretary, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> it's a year ago, about a year ago that osama bin laden was killed by our people. i want to you put it in perspective, the president is overseas in afghanistan. your thoughts on this? >> well, it was a huge accomplishment. it was something that -- that took a lot of cooperation
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between our intelligence people and our special operations forces, over many, many years. and accumulating pieces of information and finally being able to pinpoint and act with that great precision. we are so fortunate to have what valid to be described as the finest warriors on the face of the earth in our special operations forces and navy seals. >> how do we avoid -- having some of the poisoning effect that it becomes? a political weapon? by either side, at this point? >> i don't know how do you that. i think that -- you know, from a purely military standpoint, all the information comes owl out of the -- government, basically, the white house and not the department of defense and the special operations forces, is not helpful to those people. the less that is known about what they do and how they do it, the better off they are and the fewer lives that will be lost
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down the road. it's partly natural to think that these things would come up in a certain way in a political environment that we are living in, but from the standpoint of the armed forces of the united states, think of the people, what they dthey trained for years. they went in at night in a foreign country... not knowing what they would find in this compound -- booby traps, armed resistance and executed the operation with just enormous skill and precision. others will need to do that in the future. and the less details that come out about it, it seems to me, the better off we are. i think politicizing it is unfortunate. >> is politicizing it putting it in a campaign ad saying, essentially, i did ti can make the tough decisions and the right decisions -- is that politicizing it? or is that sebdzing a message to
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the american people that i know how to do my job. i can be the commander in chief? >> i think eye think, you know, you could describe it either way. i think that calling it a bumper sticker in a political ad is a bit of a reach. i think that -- it's -- certainly a president has to run on his record. and this was a significant accomplishment for the administration. and it's-- the world's a better place for that. the global war on terror is not over. the problems are still there. the terrorists are being trained and recruited and funded. so -- but do i worry that something as secret as the special operations forces have to be, if they are going to be successful, has become so central in the campaign. i might add that there is a -- a special operations warriors foundation that if people are interested, they can send money to, that supports the special
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operations forces that have fallen and their families and those who have been wounded. and they have a web site for special operations, warrior foundation. >> you know, i have mixed feelings. on the one hand, i admire a decision the president made. i admire him because i think it's a very tough decision. on the other hand, maybe it's the midwestern in me, i think that the people who put their lives at risk who, executed this flawlessly because of their jobs, they can never take a bow because we want to keep them protected. so i wonder, i hope they don't think that we think they didn't do anything because we are want tipping our hat to them? >> well, i think that if you talk to people who are in in the special operations forces and people who have been in, they had to be grinding their teeth whether they saw this flow of information about the attack on osama bin laden's cam pound. i think that -- it's inevitable
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that will be television and reporting about t. from their standpoint, the people whose lives are at risk, that informs didn't come out of the pentagon. it didn't come out of the special operations forces tcame out of the white house and the congress and the people who are in the political side as oppose to the military side. i know, they had to be deeply concerned about it. >> you mention that from a security point. and i understand that. but there is another part, though, that -- i know they don't do this job to get special credit or anything else. but i think that, you know, when you do a job so well, you want a little acknowledgement, like, you know that what? that was unbelievable! but we don't need their names so instead, it's part of the political dialogue, where it looks like, where those who really risked their lives don't quite get the attention that i would think they deserve. >> i feel the same way. i -- you do want to recognize them. and they deserve the appreciation of a nation.
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you mentioned, there was a tough decision. i don't think it was a tough decision. we have seen a lot of instances where presidents, over the years have -- have had to make decisions like that. i think, after spending that amount of time, that number of years and that much money, we increase the special operations forces by 50%. we increase the budget and the equipment. and they develop the skill sets and improve the intelligence capability of our country and when that comes together, to not make that decision tseems to me, that would be dumb founding. i can't imagine any president not making that decision. that's not to say it wasn't a huge accomplishment. it was. >> but not a tough decision? >> no. not at all. >> presence in afghanistan now, they're carefully, got there in the middle of the night so he could execute this agreement with the afghani government. there would be a 10-year program
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where we help with the security and the economy. i am curious, do you have any differences with him on how he has executed the war so far? >> well, you know, i have been out for 6 years. and to try to second guess it from a distance is hard. i know what i know and i know what i don't know. what i don't know is a lot. i did worry about the frequent changes of ambassadors in afghanistan. i'll be honest, i worry about increasing the number of troops to the extent that we did. i also worried about changing the commanders as frequently as we did. i think that people need to be in those jobs a little longer so they can actually get some traction. and to pull petraeus out and put him in the cayea, plus-or-minus a year. and to keep changing the ambassadors, i think is probably not a great idea.
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now, have we done a lot to help train and equip the afghan security forces? you bet. have they had a lot of successes? of course, they have. they have had an election. they elected a president. they drafted a constitution. they elected a parliament. they have -- they have a tough situation, you know, they had a decade of occupation by the sowfiorities. they have had drought and civil war and tough neighbors and a high illiteracy rate. it's not an easy path. but if we expect that to become an instant model democracy, i think we are making a mistake. but i think that the united states has given them a chance to make it. and that that -- that has been a good thing to have done. al qaeda has been badly damaged. the taliban has been taken out of power in that country and they are -- a vicious rule. >> is the taliban -- i was in -- i was in afghanistan with
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secretary of state hillary clinton met with a bunch of women and she promised we wouldn't abandon the women and the taliban is the biggest -- i mean, it's the biggest fear for the women. do you have any -- suspicion or thoughts about when we are gone, in 2014, when we are out and we have the strategic agreement. do the taliban come back in and they reform the way they think of women and treat women? >> well, of course, women were not ark loud out without a member of their male family. they weren't allowed to go to school. they weren't allowed to see doctors because there weren't enough women doctors. that was taliban rule. they were using soccer stadiums to cut off people's heads. >> that's going to change? you think we are beyond that -- or is that a huge risk for women? >> i think there is a risk -- the taliban didn't disappear. that strain of thinking, that view of the world still exists.
1:16 am
it's largely been shoved into pakistan, along with the federally administered tribal areas there. but they want to come back and it will take the afghan people and the security forces and the political leadership to reign this back and the afghan people and it's their country. theyville to manage their country, eventually. >> do you miss the job? >> moshings oh, no, i really don't. i have been in and out of government so many times. it's a privilege to serve our country, but i am enjoying life. >> always nice to see you, sir, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, john bolton and he says that america must not be a well-bread doormat. he goes "on the record," next. a new scandal rocking the federal government. this is the most explosive one yet. a high-ranking law enforcement official admits to stealing your money. shocking details coming up. goodbye, jersey shore. governor chris christie with with his blunt talk on the road.
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. new information about the explosion in afghanistan. as we told you, the u.s. embass nekabul sounding the alarm after
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large explosions were heard in the city. a french news agency report that this blasts were call -- caused by a suicide car bomber. this comes less than two hours after president obama flew out of afghanistan. we will continue to bring you more information on this brank breaking news story as we get it. we have developing tension between the united states and china. a blind chinese dissident is believed to be hiding out in the u.s. embass nebeijing. former u.n. ambassador john bolton says it's time for the united states to interfere. you can explain that. as an aside, tongue in cheek, lucky hillary clinton because she has landed in beijing and now has to face this. what do you mean by we should interfere? >> when an individual comes across the doorway in a u.s. embassy and requests political asylum or whatever he's requesting, by definition, that puts the united states in a position of having to make a decision, to grant asylum, keep him in the embassy and take a
1:22 am
step in response to the request. under our law, if he has a well-founded fear of persecution, he has a legitimate claim for political asylum. so what secretary clinton wrongly said on her first visit to china in february of '09, that we won't let human rights get in the way of all of this other stuff, that's coming back to haunt her and the administration. >> greta: she is there for another purpose, but do you expect eye imagine the chinese, who have not made a big deal publicly, but i imagine, this is a blind man, a dissident who, escaped and apparently they wanted under house arrest. they are not going to be happy if he is hiding out in our embassyism the most recent cause he had taken up, bringing class-actions -- i didn't know they had class-rakz actions on china, on behalf of women who were forcefully stirlized or forced to undergo abortions to comply with the one-child policy
1:23 am
in china. he has touched a nerve that has huge implications for the chinese leadership. and it really calls attention to the -- our administration's unwilling tons confront china on freedom of conscience and religious freedom. >> greta: grant him asylum, turn him back to the chinese, assuming he's in there? or run out the clock and let him stay and hope that some -- people get tired of it, i guess? >> those are the three decisions. we held cardinal vin in boud ped for 13 years in the cold war, he was a disdant after tienanmen square stayed over a year in the embassy. that's want the best solution. but to turn him back to the chinese -- >> that's not going to happen, do you think? >> now, a lot of sympathizers of the chinese government are saying that he doesn't want to leave, he wants to see progress in china. heyaise -- he's a lawyer.
1:24 am
he knew that question moved out of his hands. but if he does go back in, i wouldn't bet on his longevity. >> greta: how important is this to the chinese? is this hiewmgly important? is this the course of conversation? what they are going to start with when they talk with her on this trip? >> i am sure what they are trying to do is to resolve this. and i think they will try to avoid making it into an incident. but it's another glimpse into the turmoil beneath the surface calm in chinese society. there is a lot of reporting about the purge of a senior communist party official who had built up his own power base, essentially. he's been purged. i don't think that's over yet. either. but it just shows that underneath this veneer of party stability, there is a lot of going on in china. >> greta: in other words, stay tuned. >> exactly. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, what is wrong with some people? have you heard the newest
1:25 am
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ist solyndra, gsa and the secret service. horrible, isn't it? tonight, there is another scandal that will really light your hair on fire. one of the high heft ranking officials in i.c.e., pleading guilt tow stealing your money. and he's not alone. four other i.c.e. workers taking part in a brazen scheme that cost taxpayers more than $600 thousand. how did it happen? and who was asleep at the wheel? in los angeles, tell me, what is this scam and who are these people? >> reporter: greta, this is a monumental breakdown, number 1, you have the travel scam, which is you had this guy, the head -- acting director of intelligence, the second largest investigative agency in our government, after the fbi, he's way up here and he's running this thing, right? so he's got all of these underlings, when they travel, he
1:30 am
approves their expense accounts and gets a kickback for half of what they get from the government. secondly, he was billing the government for tripping he never took. 11 to new york city, other placesarn the country. but he didn't work. he didn't go. he took all the money for himself. he was able to buy another house and the boat with this money. so you have that scam and then you have the other breakdown here, which is the intelligence thing. these guys are supposed to have a periodic review -- and it wasn't just him. there is another head of intelligence in el paso, doing the same thing, traveling to the middle-east ounauthorized trips with a passport, he was not supposed to have, depositing money abroad, bringing moan back to this country. they had no idea where it was coming from and they didn't catch it for over 15 years. this guy was there 28 years and this scam went on for 3 1/2 years. who is asleep at the wheel? i.c.e. travel people and the intelligence oversight,.
1:31 am
>> greta: you know, you say the word breakdown and i want to go ballistic. you know? i mean -- not at you -- but just the whole idea that it is so outrammingous that nobody caught this. nobody was watching. nobody cared. you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to other people and the government says, well, it was just a breakdown. the american people should be lived. >> well, want only, you want to get mad? how about this? they submitted expense accounts but they were want required to submit receipts. you say, i stayed at the marriott for a month and-a-half, give me $6,000 and the government would pay that without seeing any kind of a backup receipt. now -- now this guy's live-in girlfriend, he helped write her resume, got her a job at i.c.e., she became his personal assistant and she would then create false receipts on her computer to submit as backup when they did gingbegin to require them, but they didn't
1:32 am
look at them that. -- that just had to be in your file. you can take 11 trips to new york and elsewhere, not go and no one knows you weren't there. what kind of oversight is ha? >> greta: i am going to take the last word on this. that falls under dhs, they are asleep at the wheel and congress which is the steward of the economy and watch our money and they are not doing their job. it's absolutely appalling. william, thank you. >> you bet. now to news across the ocean, after months of investigating, the phone-hacking scandal at news corps, a british parliamentary panel with a scathing report. the culture media and sports select committee claims that some executives, midled parliament about the scale of phone hacking at the news of the world and they said that news international, the british division of the newspaper covered up evidence.
1:33 am
they singled out the editor, ex-legal manager and les hinton who, worked for rupert murdoch. mr. murdoch and his son were not accused of misleading parliament, but the committee said it was astonishing that they realized it was not confined to a rogue reporter. the panel's report said, we conclude that if at all relevant times, rupert murdoch was not fully informed, he turned a blind high -- eye and exhibited willful blindness. it went on to say, we conclude, therefore that rupert murdoch is wanted fit to exercise the stewardship of a major, international company. the committee was split along party lines. but the conservatives opposing the censor. news corp issued a statement in part saying hard truths have been reported that there was serious wrongdoing at the news of the world, that our response
1:34 am
was too slow and defensive and some of our employees misled the select committee. we regret that the select committee's analysis of the factual record was followed by a commentary that we and several members of the committee consider unjustified and highly partisan. barry diller, who helped mr. murdoch build fox tv. he said that murdoch was more fit morally and otherwise to lead an organization than the majority of those who do. news corporation is, of course, the parent company of fox newschannel. coming up, senator tom coburn warns that the u.s. will be greece in two years. he is not talking about white sand beaches and blue seas. what does he mean? and in two minutes, governor chris christie gets in the middle of one of the nation's hottest political controversies and he is bringing tough talk to the midwest. where is the new jersey governor? what did he say, this time?
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>> greta: stunning words from governor chris christie, he says wisconsin's going to be the center of the political universe. what is he talking about? he is trying to rally support for governor scott walker, who is facing a recall election, telling governor walker supporters that their support will have a national impact. >> you will be judged and wisconsin will be judged on june 5 and its aftermath, they stand with a map of courage and principle or take the easy way and go back to yesterday. that would be a destructive course for this state and for our country, in my opinion. >> greta: governor christie campaigned for governor walkener 2010. governor walker's campaign, hoping that governor christie's star power help. does the blunt talk translate outside the jersey shore? go to gretawire.
1:38 am
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your feet will feel so good... ... you'll want to get up and go. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. according to the secret service, interviews with the columbian woman involved in last month's prostitution scandal show they were not linked to drug cartels or terrorists. the agency submitting a report to congressional committees investigating the incident, which headed up the president's visit to cartagena. eight agents have left since the scandal broke. one had his security clearance revoked. three others were cleared. a strong manufacturing report, sending the dow to the highest close in 4 years. orders, hiring and production all are up last month. the dow added 66 points. nasdaq and s&p saw minor gains. it is seen as a hopeful sign, ahead of friday's monthly jobs
1:41 am
respect. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching fox. >> greta: this is a fox news ark letter. the afghan taliban says it carried out a suicide car bombing on a western target in kabul. the u.s. embass nekabul sounding the alarm after large explosions were heard in the city, less than two hours after president obama flew out of afghanistan. we will bring you more as it becomes available. now, senator tom coburn is giving it to us between the eyes, saying our country's staggering debt is the greatest threat to national security. we talked about the new burke the debt bomb. >> good to see you. >> greta: you have a new book, the debt bomb. i guess the way to describe it is raw and disturbing. >> i think washington is disturbing right now. i agree. >> greta: in reading about the
1:42 am
debt bomb in the book, i think one of the things that caught my attention was one of the texts, you quote abraham lincoln, if you want to test a man's character, give him power. we are facing a debt catastrophe. why use that quote? >> because i want people to make an assessment of where we are today and what the character is in washington. if we address our problems and honest with the american people, we don't have a problem in front of us we can't solve. if we continue to lie and mislead the american people, as to the seriousness and the urgency of our problems, what you can see that that -- very much replicates the character that i see in washington today. >> greta: you talk about the numbers in your book, nonpartisan, entitlement and where we are going. you said 1950, 16 workers worked
1:43 am
for beneficiaries under social security. 10 years later, it went from 16 to 5. we now have in this year, tweb 12, three workers for each beneficiaries, so the number's declining, so you know that that is the wrong direction. >> it is not just that, as well. have you all the baby-boomer, me generation that are going into sociality security. -- social security. this is going to two to one. unless we reform it, what do we do? and so every year we put off reforming it means that the cost and the pain associated with reforming is going to be greater. so we ought to be about talking about the real problems in the country today, explaining them in an adult way, saying these are not partisan problems, every american is going to get cut on their social security when it
1:44 am
fails. it is three years closer to being bankrupt this year than it was last year t. doesn't matter if you are a democrat or a republican, your social security's going to be cut. your grandkids are going to have to pay a ton more taxes, why don't we do that? >> greta: the american people are putting their money into the fund. you talk about this, you know, the culture here in the senate. i guess the poster child that you mention is the bridge to nowhere where senator stevens staring you down on the senate floor. i mean, that culture is right here. i mean, the american people are having a hard time changing the culture. >> there are two cultures. there's the culture of putting my state ahead of the best interest of the country. i understand that. that's part of the political culture. but what we are here for is to make sure the country's okay. i would posit that oklahoma can't be healthy if the country
1:45 am
isn't healthy, same with alaska and every other state. the second culture is not facing the real problems and putting your career of not making difficult decisions so you protect your career, rather than making the difficult decisions to solve the problems of the country. it's okay to lose an election, if you fix the country. >> greta: you describe in the book how members of congress come here to washington and their motive when is they set foot here are and you're noble. those are the words you use. something happens along the way. how do you go from pure and noble to just caring about yourself and getting re-elected and not being the steward of the economy and letting the economy blow up so we have a debt bomb? >> i think it's human nature, one. everybody likes to get a positive stroke. if you are getting lots of positive strokes, you don't want to give that up. i think it's the culture of careerism t. goes back to the abraham lincoln quote. the people who really have
1:46 am
character are the people who don't care if they lose power. >> greta: where are they? i mean, because we need them? >> you know, there are a lot of great people in washington. and i don't demean -- mean to demean any of my colleagues. but a large portion of them have never done anything but public service. and so, you know, it's part of their career path. so you want to stay on your career path so you do what is politically expedient, rather than what is not expedient, in other words, counter to your best political interest. >> greta: do we go back to the abraham lincoln quote -- if you want to test a man's character, give him power and see what he does with it? >> we are failing as an institution. both parties have members who are failing. we're making decisions that are politically expedient for our position, rather than the truth to the american people. ask yourself this question: why are we not addressing the
1:47 am
preeminent existential threat to our country, which exists today? our over-spending and expansive government and the debt which is absolutely unsustainable. when admarl mullen says the greatest threat to our country,-- the former head of the joint chiefs of staff -- is not islamic terrorism, it is not china, it is not russia, it is our debt. tell me why we are not addressing that, right now, rather than playing political games about the election come november 2. when in fact, the future of our children and grandchildren, their standard of living, their ability to supply themselves what is needed for them and their families is put at risk. i would tell you that we are examples of people who have failed our character test. >> greta: why aren't we doing that? every person in washington wants to do that, selectively. >> no leadership.
1:48 am
the president hasn't called on us to do that. you haven't seen -- i mean, paul ryan's called and said we need to do this. harry reid's doing everything he can to not do that, based on political dynamics. that's why. we have no leadership. >> greta: are you quitting? you are not running again. have you had it? >> i have had it. i am going to fulfill my commitment and i am going to work every day to try to solve this problem. not for my grandkids, but for everybody else's. my goal is that the federal government never waste one dollar. now, i know that's an unachievable goal. but every day where i eliminate some waste or embarrass some people for totally blowing it is a day that's positive to get us back on track. >> greta: the book, the debt bomb -- raw, disturbing. and i might add, something we should read. >> solvable. every problem we have in front of us is solvable. >> greta: still solvable. we do it with a lot of pain fwe
1:49 am
wait. or with a small amount of pain for everybody, if we go on and get after it now. i don't want us to be greece. that's where we are headed. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> you are great. >> straight ahead, is actress betty white running for office? did you see the political ad? you will. why do bears keep crossing the road in colorado. we showed you the bear on the college campus, now another bear trades the woods for city life. most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program, with online access to mayo clinic.
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i>> betty, if you want a friend in washington, do you know what do you? >> get a dog -- that's what i have been told. >> what else? >> re-elect congressman howard burman who, fights for the humane treatment of all animals and he has very nice blue eyes. >> betty? >> i'm howard burman and my friend and i approve this message. >> greta: two tv shows campaigning for animal rights and now politics?
1:54 am
we don't know where she finds the time. there is a buzz in new jersey -- actually, 30,000. bees invading the attic of an old victorrian home, but they don't have any interest in aged honey. so they call aid beekeeper to remove 30,000 bees and he found honey, wacking comb. they are all out of the attic. sweet huh? what is it about wandering bears in denver? remember this guy? now he has company. look at this. this 275-pound bear decided to check out his neighbors and take a stroll through the neighborhood. but don't worry. he didn't bother anyone. rangers quickly return the bear to less suburban surroundings and there have you it. coming up, here's the question. what does a presidential election and "american idol" have in common? have in common? or should we say [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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>> greta: flash studio lights, it's time for last call. one election is starting to look like american idol. here is jimmy fallon. >> ryan seacrest will be covering the 2012 elections. makes sense, right? going to be weird when he's like to vote for obama text one, to vote for romney, text, two. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. go to greta we have a special poll on about the taliban. go to greta skb vote. see you tomorrow night. good night from washington, d.c.. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. hello, everyone i'm dana perino. welcome to "the five." there is breaking news tonight. president obama made surprise visit to afghanistan and is going t


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